Welcome to Trojan Wicca a path for those, seeking to follow the five elements and the way to perfect love and perfect trust worshipping the Horned God and Triple Goddess. Did you know that according to the US Census Bureau there are 342,000 Wiccans and 340,000 other pagans in the United States? To navigate the website click on the various tabs or tap on the menu icon for the drop down of the various tabs to appear. We highly recommend the shopping page for those that are new, it pairs greatly with melodies and drums and chants from the music page playing in the background. Check out our greeting cards!

We offer a general online pagan resource center with a blog we update frequently, a contact us page to communicate with the community, public comments are welcome at the bottom of this page, we are beginning to build our online spellbook on the spells page, we accept donations for our various in house products and services and also out of kindness to help keep things running online, we feature an events calendar of pagan happenings in the San Francisco Bay Area, if you live farther out then CUUPs and Witchvox are great resources (find out more on the links page), our social page offers connections to our Twitter and Facebook, we will be connecting with more sites in the future, I’m thinking Instagram next. We also feature the Wiccan Rede and other important doctrine in Spanish and Chinese on the español and 中文 pages (we hope to offer Tiếng Việt soon).

We update the pagan community with news regarding witches on the news page and I also write a column in the San Francisco Patch on Wicca and paganism. Our civil rights page offers legal information and education on important constitutional precedents and court cases and more. Our people page offers a VIP list of witches and offers a bit of pagan studies to it and lastly our almanac offers a vocabulary list and definitions of various Wicca ritual items and terms with the Spanish correspondences also offered. Our introduction page page explains what Wicca is all about, we also are starting an online coven with free classes provided through Google classrooms, our about page explains our mission and the magick page teaches about what magic is!

The shopping list links to the best prices we can find on all the essentials find out what color candle to pick and what incense to use

Check out our book of shadows (spells) and the wheel of the year and the witch’s alphabet and the phases of the moon and what they mean!

My goal is to found a covenstead, achieve high priesthood, and non-profit corporation status for an organization of witches to meet regularly with a community center and school of our own. While promoting a tradition for witches to follow together for the Sabbats to form a community of perfect love and trust and fellowship in which all acts of love are our rituals.

Thou hast obeyed the Law. But mark well, when thou receivest good, so equally art bound to return good threefold

18 thoughts on “Home

  1. Great site!


    1. Agreed!! Great site!


  2. This site is so outstanding and helpful I’d recommend everyone check it out. 100%


  3. Nice site, keep up the good work!


  4. Love this. Praise be the Lord of the Sun and the Lady of the Earth. Praise be the ones that made this. Keep it up!!


  5. What a comprehensive resource for the witches of America!


  6. While I haven’t finished looking at everything, I do like how easy it is to navigate and how easy it is to understand. Super helpful! 🙂


  7. This is awesome


  8. Praise the sun!


  9. Alfredo S Serratos May 26, 2018 — 12:23 am

    It’s an interesting website. Gives a lot of information for the newcomers. Some spells for them as well. I am very interested in the sleep onr.


  10. Doing a good job at it. Keep it up.


  11. I like how this website is organized and easy to follow. The words, pictures , and and link attached are done nicely and organized well. Which makes a reader easy to read.


  12. A wonderful site with lots of great information!


  13. That you Athena for showing me this page I love it


  14. Very nice jewelry. Hope to see more like it. 😉
    Wish you the best of good luck. 😉

    Blessed be.


  15. Very thorough explanation about things Wiccan. 🙂


  16. Cool website!


  17. Thanks for sharing this.


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